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My Career My Business is an online educational support system created to help students and individuals in their respective career fields and also help them choose their suitable career field. This online study tool is designed to increase student’s performance and expose them to a variety of educational fields and academic topics of factors affecting students academically.

We intend on offering  students with academic support based on prescribed educational material, My Career My Business is aimed at bringing students and education professionals together online in a platform that helps them academically  by offering them highly effective online study support from other students, educators, peer tutors and professors of education and authors on academic topics and literature.

My Career My Business’ purpose is to be an academic support mechanism for students and help institutions that find it challenging to meet different academic needs of their students while other institutions can still cater for their student’s needs.


The way institutions provide support may vary considerably, it is probably most likely that support will be required outside the institution and from other sources apart from the institution, such as the internet where it is a place that is allowing students to feel well connected through online chats, discussion forums and regular live chats sessions with students and education professionals.

The aim and purpose of My Career My Business is to provide some practical advice on examination preparation, career guidance and tackling academics issues and making sure that students are ready to tackle the anxiety that comes with studying and assisting them formulate ways they can use to tackle the difficulties and challenges they face academically.

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